Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    study on affect of electro statics cahrge on estatics and cinematic coefficient of agricultural materials            
2    Evaluation of biogas producton potential from food industry wastes .Acase study : Mashhad    M.Sc.    Sanaei Moghadam, Akbar    0000-00-00
3    production of biodiesel from edible waste oils and evaluation of estrification of the product on the performance of motor and exhaust emissions    M.Sc.    sabet sarvestany, nasrin    0000-00-00
4    Moisture dependent physical and mechanical properties of Christmas Lima bean            0000-00-00
5    Evaluation of thermal properties of sesame            0000-00-00
6    Evaluation of curved and straight path tracking for unmanned tractor with wireless navigation    Ph.D    Mazidi, Mohammad    0000-00-00
7    Vision-based system for harvest robot of greenhouse capsicums            0000-00-00
8    Spectral index extraction of pistachio leaf using Vis/NIR spectroscopy            0000-00-00
9    Investigating the environmental impacts of citrus production chain in Mazandaran province using life cycle assessment (LCA)            0000-00-00
10    GIS Based Assessment of biomass potential for energy production in Mashhad Region    M.Sc.    aminian, afsaneh    2010-05-30
11    Evaluating the Effects of Some Factors on the Performance of an Air-assisted Sprayer as a Fertilizer Solution Applicator    M.Sc.    musavian, mohamad mahdi    2010-05-30
12    Analysis of Energy consumption for Grape production in Orumieh    M.Sc.    ghafari, akram    2010-06-08
13    Determination of energy indices for oil seed crops including canola, sesame, sunflower, soybean and cotton in Fars province    M.Sc.    rahimi kia, morteza    2010-06-13
14    Relative Advantage Of Main Greenhouse Produces In Varamin Region Utilizing Energy Analysis    M.Sc.    naeemi, ali    2010-06-13
15    Effect of calcium chloride concentration as a polish material on mechanical and storage properties of north khorasan apple    M.Sc.    jafarian, mostafa    2010-09-24
16    The effect of some nano-coatings on wear and other physical properties of mouldboard plow surface    M.Sc.    miraei ashtiani, seyed hassan    2010-10-12
17    Investigating some thermal properties of pistachio nut and its kernel    M.Sc.    Salarikia, Alireza    2010-12-07
18    Determination of Some Mechanical Properties of Tomato Based on Electrical Conductivity    M.Sc.    ghasemi, mohammad    2011-04-12
19    Telesteering of a farm tractor    M.Sc.    mazidi, mohammad    2011-06-21
20    Design, implementation and evaluation of Rotary Torque meter    M.Sc.    zainali, afshin    2011-09-23
21    Manufacture and evaluation of a laboratory scale enthalpy wheel for agricultural industry applications    M.Sc.    hashemi, seyyed mojtaba    2011-11-06
22    Design and development of device estimate crop density of cereals    M.Sc.    aynehzadeh kavari, mohammad    2012-05-29
23    Peeling evaluation of plum (prunus domestica) using heat treatment methods    M.Sc.    momenipoor, hadi    2012-07-03
24    Design and development of seeder for seedling tray    M.Sc.    sadeghi, alimohammad    2012-07-03
25    Discriminating weeds from Canola using leaf reflection    M.Sc.    ezani, shahab    2012-07-03
26    Comparison energy of soybean production in utilization systems (state, cooperative and personal Ownership ) on Moghan township    M.Sc.    boromand, abolfazl    2012-10-09
27    Effects of some physical and physiological treatments on oranges storage life (cv. yafa and Sanguinella (Bloody)    M.Sc.    Yampi, Esmaeil    2012-10-09
28    The Effect of supercharging on performance and emissions of diesel engine fueled with biodiesel produced from waste cooking oil    M.Sc.    DARAEE, MOHAMMAD REZA    2013-01-22
29    Performance evaluation of solar dryer with reflector    M.Sc.    sobhani khalil abad, seyed mohammad    2013-03-12
30    The effects of seed population and different harvesting and drying methods on losses of Nugerani variety of rice in Lenjan region    M.Sc.    daneshvar, mehdi    2013-04-30
31    Evaluation and modeling of drying kinetics Mazafati dates species using artificial neural network    M.Sc.    ansarifar, mohammad hossein    2013-05-07
32    Technical and economical evaluation of vermicompost production by using continuous flow method    M.Sc.    bize, seyed mostafa    2013-06-11
33    Development of a computer vision system for a mechanical damage of apples at harvest both visible and near-infrared spectrum.    M.Sc.    Doosti Irani, Omid    2013-07-02
34    Design, construction and evaluation of a mechanism for separating cotton from the boll    M.Sc.    rahimi, mahmood    2013-09-03
35    Design, construction and evaluation of a row singulator for saffron flowers    M.Sc.    bakhshi, hamed    2013-09-03
36    Technical-economic indices dairy farms (South Khorasan Razavi)    M.Sc.    najary, samaneh    2013-09-03
37    Development of computer vision algorithms in order to estimate the yield of orchard trees    M.Sc.    Nasiri, Fatemeh    2013-12-17
38    construction and evaluation Gasifier of Biomass    M.Sc.    Jahantigh, Mahdi    2014-03-04
39    Technical and economical evaluation us of magnetized water case study: (corn cultivation)    M.Sc.    Shekari, Mahdi    2014-04-15
40    Condition monitoring of Pistachio trees using multispectral images acquired by UAV    Ph.D    Moghimi, Ali    2014-08-25
41    Construction and evaluation of a three-dimensional scanner for modeling of agricultural products    M.Sc.    ranjbary, omid    2014-09-16
42    Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions of wheat production in irrigated and rainfed systems (Case study: Sarakhs county of Khorasan Razavi province, Iran)    M.Sc.    motamedolshariati, seyed masoud    2014-09-30
43    Appraisal and comparison of electromagnetic and resistance conductivity meters to estimate soil water content    M.Sc.    mohajeran, mohammad    2014-11-11
44    Design, construction and evaluation of a sprayer nozzle, with variable rate technology    M.Sc.    barari gelyard, dariush    2014-12-09
45    Title: Development and Evaluation of a Recovery Heat Exchanger by Nanofluid    M.Sc.    amini, mohammad hadi    2014-12-09
46    Modeling and validating, bulk density and Soil texture, apparent soil electrical conductivity    Ph.D    Baradaran Motie, Jalal    2015-01-13
47    Life cycle assessment of onion production in Bojnord region, Northern Khorasan, Iran    M.Sc.    foroughpanah, ali akbar    2015-02-10
48    Evaluation of geostatistical methods in mapping soil mechanical resistance    M.Sc.    bahrpour, vahid    2015-03-10
49    Pests detection by analysis their sound    Ph.D    mousavi, sayedfarhad    2015-05-19
50    Simulation of ammonia emissions in poultry houses based on CFD    Ph.D    baghani, mousareza    2015-07-07
51    Developing a System Based on Machine Vision And Mechanical Sensor for Dairy Cattle Estrous Detection    M.Sc.    hassanabadi, ali    2015-09-08
52    Construction and evaluation of a soil injection device for incorporating different compound material    M.Sc.    mohamadinezhad, hamid    2015-09-29
53    Investigating the effects of slicing method on energy and efficiency extracting sucrose from beet sugar and optimization of cossettes preparation    Ph.D    NAGHIPOUR, MARYAM    2015-10-13
54    Ohmic Heating Modeling of Grape Juice Syrup using Computational Fluid Dynamic    Ph.D    Shafie, Mehdi    2015-12-08
55    development of machine vision system for 3D modeling and reconstruction of the tree geometric structure    Ph.D    Alipour, mohsen    2016-01-12
56    Optimization of performance parameters of a seed metering device in pneumatic planter with vacuum disc type seed meter    M.Sc.    haddadi, davood    2016-02-09
57    Performance Enhancement of Centrifugal Spreader, for Pellet Spreading Based on Manure Movement Modeling    Ph.D    MOSLEHI ROODI, SIAMAK    2016-05-17
58    Design and Synthesis of tractor-mounted robot manipulator for agricultural products handling    Ph.D    shariati, seyed iman    2016-06-05
59    Investigating the effect of nanocomposite films containing nano ZnO and Ag particles on microbiological growth saffron (Crocus sativus)    M.Sc.    Karimivaloujaei, Zahra    2016-11-01
60    Effect of nanocrystalline cellulose and starch on mechanical and barrier properties of nanocomposite films based on quinoa protein    M.Sc.    safar razavi zade, mahdieh    2016-12-20
61    Ranking of thermochemical technologies of energy recovery from municipal solid waste using multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM)    M.Sc.    shahnazari karbasaraei, arman    2017-02-28
62    Study and evaluation of combined microwave and vacuum drying on some qualitative properties of coriander    M.Sc.    asghari, saeid    2017-03-07
63    feasibility of magnetic field in weed control Chenopodium album and Echinochloa crusgalli    M.Sc.    abedi firouzjaei, majid    2017-03-07
64    Reliability Assessment in design and development of internal combustion engines    Ph.D    poursa, Hossein    2017-03-07
65    The effect of compression ratio and fuel cetane number on output performance in a diesel engine by using GT-POWER    M.Sc.    Ahmadipour, Saeed    2017-08-29
66    Estimation of post-harvest losses of rice in Guilan province    M.Sc.    sharifi, sina    2017-12-05
67    Assessing the sustainability of rice production in Mazandaran province    Ph.D    amini, sherwin    2017-12-05